Privacy is not a crime, plain and simple yet it seems that our given rights to maintain privacy are being shredded away from us left and right constantly. What does it take to maintain our rights to privacy, and how far will we go giving up our rights? Sometimes a simple reminder such as this site will help us all remember what privacy is, and what we can do to protect our privacy both in every day life and online.

Our statement is simple, privacy is not a crime. Here you will find news related to privacy, a t-shirt to promote privacy, links to places around the new, and news media sources covering privacy. Are you an advocate for privacy, do you withhold your identification from places that just do not need to see it, or safe keep your fingerprints from the banks. What about your privacy on the internet, did you know that everywhere you go online you're leaving footprints and traces of who you are, what your using and how you're moving across the Internet?

We'll help remind you, while your reading through the site you will find that we offer a high quality printed t-shirt marked with our statement 'privacy is not a crime' which you can use to promote the word of anonymity and privacy to everyone around you.


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